Kathryn Turner Named Featured Artist by High Desert Journal

The artwork of Kathryn Mapes Turner has unfolded from the mountain valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here she was born as the fourth generation to be raised on the Triangle X Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. Here her consciousness of the natural world began. She grew up riding the trails of the valley, learning wilderness lore and gaining an eye for landscape.  The happy synergy of a receptive spirit and a place of magnificent beauty, set the course for her life.Click here for the full article!

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When it comes to art, how much does size really matter?

Recently, I have a bigger range of sizes to my work than ever before. Currently in the gallery, I have one of my smallest paintings displayed at 5 x 7 inches, and one of the largest at nearly 5 feet by 5 feet. What is the difference between painting large and small? Is there really a difference… other than, well, size?When it comes to size, I feel that there is a difference in the both the creation of the painting and the experience of it.Creating.There is practicality to consider in creating paintings – smaller paintings are simply easier to manage. When I am working en plein air, small and mid-size paintings are easier to transport in my pack. With less surface area, they are also less susceptible to catching the wind like a sail and then taking off with my easel with it! Certainly, large paintings are possible on location, but to prepare for gusts, a series of stakes and ropes are usually employed to keep them tied down. Then, there is the issue of transport. When I was creating large paintings on location in Italy, I worked on stretched canvases that could be removed from its stretcher frame, then […]

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Turner Fine Art receives Best of Jackson Hole

Thank you for your patience, your inspiration, and your votes! Because of the amazing support of the Jackson community, Turner Fine Art received Best Local Artist in the 2017 Best of Jackson Hole contest, hosted by Planet Jackson Hole.For the full article and list of results, please click here.And a big congratulations to Trio Fine Art gallery for winning Bronze for Best Local Gallery!

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Trio Fine Art Painters Featured in Plein Air Magazine

In their February – March 2017 issue, Plein Air Magazine features several fine artists who strive to inspire conservation efforts in their areas. Among those named are the members of Trio Fine Art Gallery, who joined forces with the Jackson Hole Land Trust to create View22: Painting Jackson Hole’s Open Spaces. This program gives individuals a window into how the mountain landscape has changed and developed through the careful and considerate eye of three local plein air painters.“Like most citizens of the world, painters have become aware of the potential loss of subjects that inspire them, from plant material and animals to land and architecture. They have also recognized that their special gifts can bring attention to what might be lost, and they can help raise funds to preserve the beauty they capture on paper and canvas.”– Plein Air MagazineKathryn Turner, Jennifer Hoffman, and Bill Sawczuk are committed to preserving the open spaces of their valley. They are passionate about the beauty of the surrounding land, and they know the importance of maintaining open spaces for the well being of the local wildlife. Their passion in part stems from an intimate relationship with the landscape; it helps sustain their artwork, […]

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Fine Art Connoisseur highlights “Light on the Land”

This past September, Kathryn Turner was featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, discussing her summer show, Light on the Land, hosted by her home gallery Trio Fine Art. This show embodied two of the main concepts visible in Turner’s art, and culminated in a bold, 36 x 60 oil on panel – the high light of the show.Visible light itself compels most artists in their creativity, illuminating form and making color possible. In the Light on the Land body of work, Turner explored the many varieties of light, from bright sunshine to the diffused light of fog. With a painter’s eye, she has been able to observe and appreciate the ever-changing light of her native mountain landscape in Jackson Hole, and this is directly reflected in her evolving artwork.The second concept, wildlife and animal subjects, stems from her beautiful Wyoming homeland as well. These abstracted images capture a sense of movement and vitality in the forms, inspiring and driving much of Kathryn’s work.Turner’s passion for animals stems from her upbringing on the Triangle X Ranch – a family guest ranch business located within Grand Teton National Park. Working with the animals on the ranch and the encounters with the wildlife […]

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My favorite paintings of 2016, and why…

On this spectacular, albeit cold, winter’s day, I am reflecting back on such a happy 2016. My brushes were kept busy with a constant river of inspiration; I enjoyed a year marked with adventure, travel, and discovery. And thanks to good health and a wonderful energy, I was able to chase after the sublime beauty that I find in the natural world. I enjoyed a peace and contentment that I can only explain as grace. I feel humbled by the abundance of support that surrounds me and allows me to continue to work as an painter full time. Lastly, the love that I share with family and friends is, as the teaching says, the greatest gift of all!  As the year drew to a close, I felt truly and profoundly blessed.My favorite things about being an artist…#1. I GET TO GO ON ADVENTURES My summer started with a trip to my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, who commissioned me to return to that impressive campus and paint the Golden Dome. I loved being around the students and working with the Notre Dame Magazine staff who made this image into 2500 prints for their donors.Next, I had the special opportunity to […]

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The Role of Travel in the Lives of American Artists

I will confess – I love Jackson Hole so much, I find that I am reluctant to ever leave it!  And yet after a recent trip to Paris, I certainly didn’t complain. Only a fool would do that – Paris is fabulous!  This October, I spent six glorious days visiting museums and churches, cruising the river and strolling the streets and avenues in search of the perfect crepes. It was the ideal vacation after a busy Jackson summer.   While in Paris, I couldn’t help but think of the other American artists throughout history who, likewise, couldn’t resist a visit to the city known for its art. Elizabeth Jane Gardner, Mary Cassatt, Robert Henri, and Langston Hughes were among the many American artists who traveled across the pond to study and work in the City of Lights.  Not surprising, many became expatriates. Artists are certainly not unique in a love for adventure, but it does have a profound influence on the creative process.  When we encounter the exotic, we are jarred loose from the mundane and see the world anew.  When German artist, Carl Rungius traveled from the Old World to the New, he was forever captivated by the western mountains […]

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The face on the plate

An intense gut wrench.While riding a few weeks ago, a friend and I discovered a spike elk caught in the mud. She and I weren’t able to get it out by ourselves, so we went for help.Later, we returned with five big-hearted men and a long rope. My dad got the rope around its spike antlers, and then he and the men carefully and gently pulled it out of the bog. My dad has always had a special sense about animals. Throughout my life, his gentle nature transcends barriers with other species and accomplishes amazing things. This experience was one of those amazing things. I am so very grateful for his big, strong, gentle heart, and that of the other men who came to help. These men are wonderful heroes!The elk laid on the grass until it could regain feeling and strength in its legs. It knew we were close at hand, but it did not panic. After a short while, the elk found its way to wobbly legs and ran off into the woods where I hope he found a place to rest and recover from several days trapped in the bog. Needless to say, this was one of […]

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Light on the Land exhibition featured in Western Art Collector

Although the show has come and gone, you can still experience the essence of Kathryn Mapes Turner’s show Light on the Land in the pages of Western Art Collector magazine. The article features a few archived pieces that help describe the attitude Turner hoped to identify in her show. For more information, check out page 86 of the September issue of Western Art Collector. To see available and archived pieces from the show, check out Kathryn’s portfolio, or view the available works on Pinterest or Houzz.  

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Art is at the Heart of our National Parks

Plein air painting is and has been an important part of the life and work of the artists of Trio Fine Art. And much of this painting practice takes place at the foot and in the heart of the mountains surrounding Grand Teton National Park.As I’m sure you all know, this month marks the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service (NPS), and as such, the 100th anniversary of our beautiful Grand Teton National Park. Art and the NPS go hand in hand; early explorers to the area, particularly Thomas Moran of the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871, incorporated sketch and painting into their study of the land. “The story of Thomas Moran’s paintings and Henry Jackson’s photography really showcases the impact of art. It was their images that convinced Congress to set aside Yellowstone as a park, ” says Kathryn Turner. “Art is a powerful medium – whether photography, film, or fine art. It touches us at a deep, emotional level, and this stays with us.”The National Museum of Wildlife Art has had an ongoing exhibition celebrating the artistic history of our beautiful mountain land, entitled Grand Teton National Park in Art: Painting the Park from Thomas Moran to […]

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