Trio Fine Art Painters Featured in Plein Air Magazine

In their February – March 2017 issue, Plein Air Magazine features several fine artists who strive to inspire conservation efforts in their areas. Among those named are the members of Trio Fine Art Gallery, who joined forces with the Jackson Hole Land Trust to create View22: Painting Jackson Hole’s Open Spaces. This program gives individuals a window into how the mountain landscape has changed and developed through the careful and considerate eye of three local plein air painters.“Like most citizens of the world, painters have become aware of the potential loss of subjects that inspire them, from plant material and animals to land and architecture. They have also recognized that their special gifts can bring attention to what might be lost, and they can help raise funds to preserve the beauty they capture on paper and canvas.”– Plein Air MagazineKathryn Turner, Jennifer Hoffman, and Bill Sawczuk are committed to preserving the open spaces of their valley. They are passionate about the beauty of the surrounding land, and they know the importance of maintaining open spaces for the well being of the local wildlife. Their passion in part stems from an intimate relationship with the landscape; it helps sustain their artwork, […]

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Fine Art Connoisseur highlights “Light on the Land”

This past September, Kathryn Turner was featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, discussing her summer show, Light on the Land, hosted by her home gallery Trio Fine Art. This show embodied two of the main concepts visible in Turner’s art, and culminated in a bold, 36 x 60 oil on panel – the high light of the show.Visible light itself compels most artists in their creativity, illuminating form and making color possible. In the Light on the Land body of work, Turner explored the many varieties of light, from bright sunshine to the diffused light of fog. With a painter’s eye, she has been able to observe and appreciate the ever-changing light of her native mountain landscape in Jackson Hole, and this is directly reflected in her evolving artwork.The second concept, wildlife and animal subjects, stems from her beautiful Wyoming homeland as well. These abstracted images capture a sense of movement and vitality in the forms, inspiring and driving much of Kathryn’s work.Turner’s passion for animals stems from her upbringing on the Triangle X Ranch – a family guest ranch business located within Grand Teton National Park. Working with the animals on the ranch and the encounters with the wildlife […]

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Light on the Land exhibition featured in Western Art Collector

Although the show has come and gone, you can still experience the essence of Kathryn Mapes Turner’s show Light on the Land in the pages of Western Art Collector magazine. The article features a few archived pieces that help describe the attitude Turner hoped to identify in her show. For more information, check out page 86 of the September issue of Western Art Collector. To see available and archived pieces from the show, check out Kathryn’s portfolio, or view the available works on Pinterest or Houzz.  

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Art is at the Heart of our National Parks

Plein air painting is and has been an important part of the life and work of the artists of Trio Fine Art. And much of this painting practice takes place at the foot and in the heart of the mountains surrounding Grand Teton National Park.As I’m sure you all know, this month marks the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service (NPS), and as such, the 100th anniversary of our beautiful Grand Teton National Park. Art and the NPS go hand in hand; early explorers to the area, particularly Thomas Moran of the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871, incorporated sketch and painting into their study of the land. “The story of Thomas Moran’s paintings and Henry Jackson’s photography really showcases the impact of art. It was their images that convinced Congress to set aside Yellowstone as a park, ” says Kathryn Turner. “Art is a powerful medium – whether photography, film, or fine art. It touches us at a deep, emotional level, and this stays with us.”The National Museum of Wildlife Art has had an ongoing exhibition celebrating the artistic history of our beautiful mountain land, entitled Grand Teton National Park in Art: Painting the Park from Thomas Moran to […]

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A plug for the plein air history of the Park

September 5th marks the end to a gorgeous and encompassing exhibit featuring the history of plein air painting in Grand Teton National Park. Grand Teton National Park in Art: Painting the Park from Thomas Moran to Today introduces you to the watercolor, sketch, and oil images produced by the explorer Thomas Moran, for whom the Park’s Mount Moran is named. Photographs from Ansel Adams line the walls of another of room, documenting his various trips through the Park. And one can find more modern paintings done en plein air, by artists such as Trio Fine Art’s Bill Sawzcuk. From the Museum’s website:“This exhibit coincides with the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and features work from the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Grand Teton National Park, and select private collections. Paintings by Thomas Moran from 1871 from the park’s collection are just some of the anticipated highlights of this visually stunning exhibition. Supplemented by John Fery’s early works of the Tetons plus work chronicling more than 100 years of artistic expression, this exhibit shows how ‘Painting the Park’ has developed from an arduous undertaking performed by a small group of intrepid explorers to a popular pastime for professional and […]

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Turner recognized as a top artist to watch by Fine Art Connoisseur

The July & August 2016 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur wrote a beautiful article celebrating the works of three plein air painters, including Kathryn Turner of Turner Fine Art and Trio Fine Art Gallery. It just so happened that each of these artists also participated in Plein Air for the Park, a wonderful show and sale put on by and for Grand Teton National Park for the past 5 years. A big thank you to Fine Art Connoisseur for helping to spread appreciation and awareness for plein air painting and the magic of the Parks!To read the full article, check out Fine Art Connoisseur online or pick up a copy of their most recent magazine.

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“Light on the Land”

In August, Trio Fine Art will be hosting my solo exhibition “Light on the Land” featuring landscape and wildlife subject matter rendered in oil paints. I constantly observe the light. I use the paints, their tones and colors, to translate the effects of this light on my subject. And it is the interplay of light and shadow that creates rhythms within each image. I enjoy exploring the wide variations of light effects. Sometimes, in the fog of winter, light is very diffused, yet contrast this with the sunny days of summer when the light is very intense and you can begin to appreciate it’s beautiful yet ever-changing presence throughout our mountain area. In my upcoming exhibition, this sense and play of light weaves throughout each painting, threading the material together. I was inspired to capture much of the wildlife and animals native to my homeland. These abstracted images capture a sense of movement and vitality in the forms. My passion for animals stems from my upbringing on the Triangle X Ranch – a family guest ranch business located within Grand Teton National Park. Working with the animals on the ranch and the encounters with wildlife that surrounded it gave me […]

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Summer 2016 Show Schedule

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. And with the sunshine and green grass comes the summer art show season! Looking ahead, I’m excited (and maybe balking a little) at all this summer has in store for us!5th Annual Plein Air for the ParkJuly 13th through 17thGrand Teton National ParkOpening Reception Wednesday, July 13, 7-9 PM, Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center“Light on the Land” Solo ExhibitionAugust 17th through September 3rdTrio Fine Art GalleryArtist’s Reception, August 18thSolo ExhibitionAugust 24th through September 20thJackson Hole Center for the ArtsWestern Visions 29th Annual Show & SaleSeptember 9th through October 9thNational Museum of Wildlife ArtArtist Party, September 15thShow & Sale proper, September 16th Hole Art AuctionSeptember 16th & 17thJackson Hole Center for the Arts

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The Notre Dame Project

In the fall of 2015, I was invited by my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame to return to campus to do a painting of the iconic administration building or Golden Dome. The image would then be used on a commemorative poster that would be given to donors. I was completely honored by this request. What a treat it would be to spend time on that beautiful campus comprised of gothic revival architecture. In September 2011, Travel+Leisure listed Notre Dame as having one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States, and now I was asked to paint it! What’s more, this project coincided with football season and the Fighting Irish were having a very respectable year!So last October, I boarded a plane with luggage packed with my pleine air painting kit bound for South Bend. My plan was to make field studies and gather reference material that I would then take back to my home studio to create a more involved painting of the university. It had been more than 10 years since I had been back to South Bend, and I strained to remember the orientation of the campus. I also wondered who, if anyone, […]

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Western Art & Architecture Explores the Thin Spaces

Western Art & Architecture explores “dwelling in the thin spaces.”Western Art & Architecture recently released their April / May 2016 issue. Decorating several of the pages in their publication are various pieces by Turner Fine Art’s Kathryn Mapes Turner as she explores “the thin spaces.” A beautiful publication, we are so excited to share Kathryn’s story! Check out the article online here.

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