My Favorite Paintings of 2017

“Love Comes Quietly” 6 x 8 oil on linenEach year, I enjoy this opportunity to reflect on a year’s portfolio of paintings and drawings. In a very real sense, it is my visual journal of experiences. 2017 was an amazing year for me! A year full of natural beauty that inspired me and sparked a creative flow that felt dynamic and rich. The process of creating these paintings then connects me with the community and with people like you in a special way. These relationships are the best part of what I do, and mean so very much to me. Thank you for sharing in this wonderful journey! Each work is done with you in mind.It is a deep privilege to do what I do… and to do it all here in a place as beautiful as Jackson Hole.“Spring in the High Desert” 11 x 14 oil on linenDue to the deep snowfall last winter, the summer months in Jackson Hole were particularly stunning, so I made a point to get out to plein air paint regularly. A highlight was a weekly outing with fellow artist, Alissa Hartmann. Every Tuesday afternoon, we would pack a ‘picnic dinner’ and stay out […]

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What’s to come for Trio Fine Art

Dear Trio Fine Art Friends & Family,Well, it’s been one heck of a ride! 2017 marks thirteen summers together as Trio Fine Art. What started as three artists joining forces has morphed into a gallery experience we could have never predicted. Over the years, the Trio has included six artists who hosted over fifty exhibitions. In our simple space, thousands of paintings and drawings were shared with Jackson Hole and her visitors. We hosted the work of one of our heroes, Russell Chatham, and many of our other talented friends: Molly Hirschfield, September Vhay, Lee Riddell, Greg McHuron, Kay Stratman, Shannon Troxler Thal, Matt Montagne, Eliot Goss, and others. A fun community has grown up around this space that has been used for receptions, parties, dancing-with-the-stars practice, raptor bird demonstrations, filming, lectures, art lessons, cups of tea, and lots of smiles. For us, Trio Fine Art has been much more than a business. It had become a closely-knitted partnership where we celebrated and supported each other’s creativity. It has been a place to express our shared love for beauty, art, and a deep connection with the landscape. As everything changes over time, things at Trio Fine Art are too. Instead of remaining as a trio, we are all excited to […]

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When it comes to art, how much does size really matter?

Recently, I have a bigger range of sizes to my work than ever before. Currently in the gallery, I have one of my smallest paintings displayed at 5 x 7 inches, and one of the largest at nearly 5 feet by 5 feet. What is the difference between painting large and small? Is there really a difference… other than, well, size?When it comes to size, I feel that there is a difference in the both the creation of the painting and the experience of it.Creating.There is practicality to consider in creating paintings – smaller paintings are simply easier to manage. When I am working en plein air, small and mid-size paintings are easier to transport in my pack. With less surface area, they are also less susceptible to catching the wind like a sail and then taking off with my easel with it! Certainly, large paintings are possible on location, but to prepare for gusts, a series of stakes and ropes are usually employed to keep them tied down. Then, there is the issue of transport. When I was creating large paintings on location in Italy, I worked on stretched canvases that could be removed from its stretcher frame, then […]

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The Role of Travel in the Lives of American Artists

I will confess – I love Jackson Hole so much, I find that I am reluctant to ever leave it!  And yet after a recent trip to Paris, I certainly didn’t complain. Only a fool would do that – Paris is fabulous!  This October, I spent six glorious days visiting museums and churches, cruising the river and strolling the streets and avenues in search of the perfect crepes. It was the ideal vacation after a busy Jackson summer.   While in Paris, I couldn’t help but think of the other American artists throughout history who, likewise, couldn’t resist a visit to the city known for its art. Elizabeth Jane Gardner, Mary Cassatt, Robert Henri, and Langston Hughes were among the many American artists who traveled across the pond to study and work in the City of Lights.  Not surprising, many became expatriates. Artists are certainly not unique in a love for adventure, but it does have a profound influence on the creative process.  When we encounter the exotic, we are jarred loose from the mundane and see the world anew.  When German artist, Carl Rungius traveled from the Old World to the New, he was forever captivated by the western mountains […]

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“Light on the Land”

In August, Trio Fine Art will be hosting my solo exhibition “Light on the Land” featuring landscape and wildlife subject matter rendered in oil paints. I constantly observe the light. I use the paints, their tones and colors, to translate the effects of this light on my subject. And it is the interplay of light and shadow that creates rhythms within each image. I enjoy exploring the wide variations of light effects. Sometimes, in the fog of winter, light is very diffused, yet contrast this with the sunny days of summer when the light is very intense and you can begin to appreciate it’s beautiful yet ever-changing presence throughout our mountain area. In my upcoming exhibition, this sense and play of light weaves throughout each painting, threading the material together. I was inspired to capture much of the wildlife and animals native to my homeland. These abstracted images capture a sense of movement and vitality in the forms. My passion for animals stems from my upbringing on the Triangle X Ranch – a family guest ranch business located within Grand Teton National Park. Working with the animals on the ranch and the encounters with wildlife that surrounded it gave me […]

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Painting the Park. Happy 100th birthday to National Park Service!

My life and art has been profoundly shaped by growing up on the Triangle X Ranch, surrounded by the magnificent beauty of Grand Teton National Park. This summer marks the 90th anniversary of the Turner Family having had the opportunity to live and work on the ranch. Since as early as I can remember, I would take in the unprecedented views that we enjoy of the Teton Mountains, and I’d become spellbound. I needed to find a way to express my heartfelt response this quiet grandeur. It was early on that I learned that I wished to communicate this love through the medium of paint. In this way, my painting is a love-letter to Grand Teton National Park.The 90th anniversary of the ranch coincides with the 100th Anniversary of the National Park System. This enactment of the US Congress, to set aside land for the benefit and enjoyment of the American people, was a novel idea. Because of it we have Yosemite, Mount Rainier, Mesa Verde, and Rocky Mountain National Park. I share this love of the National Park System with my artist partners at Trio Fine Art. We all gain inspiration from the lands it protects.“I love how vast […]

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2015 – A year in art

Perhaps we all mark time in different ways. Not surprising – mine is measured in paint! 2015 has been another creative year in which I was fortunate to continue to explore (and hopefully grow) as a painter. This year in particular, I received tremendous joy from painting the magnificent beauty that surrounds me in Jackson Hole, as well as from the wonderful folks I met through art.I am so very grateful for the amazing support I continue to receive as I follow this dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May the new year be filled with abundant blessings!In reviewing the painting of the past year, each was important, but here I am highlighting some of the work that taught me something significant.FreeI believe artwork should evoke emotion in us, and it has been my goal to create paintings that tap into the inherent nature of our emotions rather than recreating photo-realistic representation. In order to achieve this, I utilize tools such as simplification, color, and mystery.In “Free,” I was inspired by a photo of a crane taken by Michael Forsberg. Thanks to the position of this bird, and the loose, spontaneous medium of watercolor, this image captured a freshness that I […]

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Wyoming Skies

a great ascent from silence

I am a native daughter of Wyoming.  I am also the daughter of a rancher who also served as a state senator.  In the summers, I would ride my horse on the age-old trails of our ranch. During the falls and winters we would drive what felt like endless miles of his campaign trails, back and forth 434 miles to the capitol in Cheyenne for the legislative session.  Both sets of experiences exposed me to the immense nature of the Wyoming skies.  The high desert plains of this part of the world provide an unobstructed view of the horizon line much like the ocean. I have always loved the saying “In Wyoming, one doesn’t have to look up to see the sky.”  We can see the beginning and end of the same storm. At night we can see the wide arch of the milky way. We are made ‘right sized’ and are filled with wonder. We are given the space to dream and to be our unique selves. It is my belief that these skies have shaped who I am.  In fact, I believe that they shape all of us who encounter them.  This painting is an exploration of my […]

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A Look at Lift

Lift was first inspired by the miraculous nature of birds in flight. Fascinated by the biomechanics of wings, I set out to capture the dynamic nature of their process. However, the title not only celebrates the “lifting” of flight, but the “lifting” of a present storm. Although storm clouds veil the majority of the piece’s space, the birds themselves remain the focal point. Storms create the visual tension, but the birds’ presence within the painting suggests an element of hope or possibility. They are able to fly through the storm, perhaps even because of the storm, suggesting the “lifting” power of their own wings and that of their surroundings.     Though comparatively small, the birds’ powerful presence remains undeniably central to the piece, creating a unique perspective in a truly special piece. With a background in watercolor, I have learned the importance of not over-controlling the medium and letting the process unfold organically, at times even allowing the paint to swirl and dry independently of any particular brushwork. In the bottom of this painting, the paint creates its own forms. In this abstraction, the piece encourages the viewers’ active participation. The transparency of the sky, its soft edges melding with […]

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What has Kathryn been up to…?

Hey Friends! As July closes with sunshine scattered with beautifully violent storms, Kathryn has been taking this amazing lighting opportunity to finish up her new collection entitled “Here. Now.” Her exhibit opens Wednesday the 29th, and it will run through August 15th at Trio Fine Art Gallery. For a chance to meet and chat with Kathryn on her new collection, feel free to attend the Artist Reception at Trio Fine Art Gallery on Thursday, July 30th, from 5:00 – 8:00PM, a free and open event. Can’t attend the event? No worries! Several of her new pieces are now available for viewing under “Current Paintings” on the Turner Fine Art website. Images are also available for viewing under Kathryn’s Pinterest and Facebook pages. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Kathryn at 307-690-9632, [email protected], or check out her websites at &“Through art, whether by creating it, or experiencing it, we are invited to dwell in the present moment.”

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