About the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
“The National Museum of Wildlife Art, founded in 1987, is a world-class art museum holding more than 5,000 catalogued items representing wild animals from around the world.”

More from the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
A time-lapse video filmed by the Museum for their installation on plein air painting in Grand Teton National Park. The finished piece, “Triangle X View,” is currently on display next to the exhibit. For more information about the exhibit, click here.

Coffee with the Artist

Kathryn gets to share about paints, artistic preference, and her piece “Three Matriarchs,” now part of the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

An interview for Birds in Art.
Kathryn discusses the background to her dancing sandhill cranes.

The arts in Jackson Hole.
Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates ask why art is so important to this mountain community.

An interview with Richard Bangs.
Why art thrives in Jackson Hole.

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2016
Artist profile for the event.

A quick, personal shot.
Short videos from Kathryn showcasing her on-site painting practices.

A Teton view.

Painting her alma mater, Notre Dame.

An interview with KHOL.
Kathryn discusses her 2016 solo exhibition What the Sky Holds with KHOL Jackson Hole Community Radio.